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Who are using the WyTy system?

Some major TV-making companies are using the WyTy system in situations where multiple ENG-camera's from even different brands are hooked up to one switching desk.
Companies doing live projection and/or streaming at congresses, concerts fashion and sports events are using WyTy tallies.


Can I simply extend the number of receivers on an existing system?

Yes, they only have to be programmed to link with the existing transmitter, so you can go up to 16 different channels on 1 system.













Lay out connector transmitter (sub-D 25):

pin 1-8 = channel 1 to 8

pin 9 = common

pin 10 = common

pin 11-18 = channel 9 to 16





Can I send two channels simultaniously?

Yes, when for instance you are crossfading from one camera to another, both LED indicators will turn on. (they both are actual) If both the red and the green indication channels are sent to the same receiver, the LED will look yellow.


Does it work anywhere?

We have been testing this system for over a year in a variety of situations without any problems. We had outside situations with reliable working receivers more than 100 meters from the transmitter. At some venues where lots of concrete walls are involved, there can be some weak spots for reception. You can simply use an extra (sub-D) lead for getting the transmitter closer to the receivers.


Can I use two systems independently working on the same location?

Yes, but only if they have a different frequencies. We sell 1 frequency as standard, a second frequency is optional.
Every receiver can be solely paired to a transmitter. In this way you could have 32 different channels.