The WyTy wireless tally system is a unique system for camera setups up to 16 channels. With state of the art components this will be a truly reliable addition to any situation where non-system cameras are used.

With an increasingly number of  situations where ENG cameras or handycams are used in multicamera setups there is always a lack of clarity which camera is actual.


The WyTy system consists of a compact transmitter which can be connected to nearly any video switcher or mixer with tally output functionality.

The Receiver is even as simple with a bi-color LED output discretely programmed to 1 or 2 channels (red and/or green) of the system.
The flexible LED-wire can be mounted on any spot on the camera, even inside some viewfinders. Also mounting on the micr pieces of a intercom headset is possible


Not using all channels gives the extra possibility to read out an extra channel (p.e. preview switched) or other camera actual in green as a warning on the local camera.

















Tally System

for multicamera setups



  • 16 discrete encoded channels
  • 'red' and 'green' per receiver
  • Compact, lightweight and flexible







The system can also be applied as an isolated system for wireless camera or Steadicam setups. The custom sensor/reader can read out any tally light on a monitor or CCU to subsequently transmit the actual warning to the WyTy receiver.


The WyTy wireless tally system can be customized at request to work as a reliable remote switch for numerous applications, triggering multiple relays.